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About Us

Aria Kitchen began from a humble kitchen in Malaysia with the aim of introducing the world to easy home cooked meals. We understood that some may feel that cooking good meals can be complicating and daunting. As a result we started Aria Kitchen to help cooks like yourself master the art of cooking without the fuss. We are always committed to offering the most premium quality spices and seasonings as this is really the secret to a good home cooked meal. Our premium whole spices are roasted in the sun, blended and combined to create delicious spice blends to keep your food tasting exquisite. With Aria Kitchen's passion and quality, you are guaranteed to have delicious home cooked food every time.

Our Products


All Purpose Masala

Vibrantly orange, the Aria Kitchen's All Purpose Masala allows you to master Indian cooking without the fuss. 100% homemade with premium spices, this masala is a must have for anyone looking for a shortcut to cooking delicious home cooked Indian meals. This all purpose masala can be used to cook eggs, chicken, squid, prawns, vegetables, stir fries, beef, curries and sambar. 

Chai Masala

Blended with premium spices, the Aria Kitchen Chai Masala blend will only leave you wanting more. Using the highest quality green cardamom, the aroma of the spice blend alone is convincing enough.  Just 1/2 a teaspoon of this blend can transform any tea making it taste divine. Warning: You may not go back to normal teas after trying this.


Latest Recipes

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