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All Purpose Masala

The Aria Kitchen All Purpose Masala combines high-quality spices blended together for maximum versatility. This spice blend is what you really need to master Indian cooking since it can be used for curries, stir fries, deep-frying, meats, vegetables and seafood. Even a small sprinkle over your eggs can go a long way to add a little more flavour. 

Why is it special? 

We use Kashmiri red chillies to give the All Purpose Masala its vibrant red colour. This also allows us to avoid using any artificial colouring.


Sarawak black pepper has a unique flavour when compared to other black pepper varieties. Since it tastes less bitter, it is most ideal for masalas as it blends and compliments the other spices well.


Due to the use of the ancient Indian method of sun roasting for preservation, our masalas do not require any preservatives to lengthen its shelf life. As a result we can proudly say that all our masalas are 100% preservative and additive free.

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