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Chai Masala

Our chai masala spice blend can be identified from a mile away due to its strong aroma.  Bursting with robust flavour, chai masala has many health benefits that aid the digestive system, immunity and inflammatory issues. The Chai Masala is intentionally ground to a course texture with premium quality green cardamom to ensure maximum flavour output. Just half a teaspoon will do to make your tea taste divine.

Why is it special? 

Ceylon cinnamon is a premium and hand rolled spice that has a sweeter and more subtle taste than regular supermarket cinnamon. Along with its fragrant aroma, it has the right balance of flavour and smell to craft your perfect cup of chai.


Sarawak black pepper has a unique flavour when compared to other black pepper varieties. Since it tastes less bitter, it is most ideal for masalas as it blends and compliments the other spices well.


Our Chai Masala uses premium green cardamom simply because of its exquisite flavour. Since our Chai Masalas' main ingredient is green cardamom, it is important that we use the highest quality green cardamom to maintain the masala's high quality flavour.


Due to our use of the ancient Indian method of sun roasting spices for preservation, our masalas do not require any preservatives to lengthen its shelf life. As a result we can proudly say that all our masalas are 100% preservative and additive free.

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